RE: Jason Molina

A tribute to an amazing musician.

How did I live without Songs: Ohia in my life?

Been a bizarre experience of both knowing and not knowing Jason Molina. It’s strange to me that someone was making such beautiful music so close to where I’ve lived, who I never heard until earlier this year. Listening to his music and learning about him was very uplifting, and strangely empowering by the proximity.

But then my heart was crushed when I learned he’d died a few years ago. It was like experiencing a whole life’s relationship with an artist in the space of a week. Suppose we do that all the time really, but it usually just passes right by masked by things like distance, disinterest, and disassociation with death. It’s rare you look it in the face as it passes, but that’s what it feels like I did.

It’s difficult to describe how it all makes me feel. Bit like when I was a child and first met death. Must’ve liked me because it’s followed me ever since. Not in a creepy way, but more like a good friend pushing me on through life who I could appreciate the experience much more for being there. It’s terrifying to turn back and look into its face, but beautiful at the same time. I’ve never been very afraid of it, I could stare all day at my own, it’s others’ that scare me.

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